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About Us

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Online advertising today is inherently flawed. In the wild wild west of the internet, your company can become lost in the crowd, unseen by potential customers as they stumble upon your competitors because they are spending more money on marketing than you. In order to be noticed at all, you would need to have the spending power of a Fortune 500 company.

Online Ads & More strives to change that reality. With our system, everyone is put on a level playing field. No more loosing clients due to being outbid on a keyword. No more outragous marketing costs for something that will not lead to results. The people looking at your ad are more likely to purchase your product or service because they are already in the purchasing mood.


Once you sign up, your advertisement will go out to our network of e-commerce sites. When a potential customer is ready to checkout, your advertisement will have a chance to be viewed. Your advertisement has the same chance every time to be viewed, even if it has just been viewed by someone else! Once the customer finishes checkout, they will receive another chance to view your advertisement and click through to your website.
You are able to limit who sees your advertisement as well! You can select the US State(s) that you want to reach, or even a distance from your physical location (US locations only). That way, only the people that could benefit from your product or service will see your advertisement!
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13323 West Hillsborough Ave.
Suite 104
Tampa, FL 33635
Toll-Free: 800-514-9120
Local: 813-672-4868
Fax: 800-581-5502